Regional finale matches lead to State trips for several Ladycats,Wildcats

Jacob Dugar, Editorial Editor

by Jacob Dugar

   BHS had eight members of its wrestling team make it to the State meet, but what kind of matches led them to this honor?

   Senior Cael Johnson said that his match that brought him to the meet lasted around one minute. In that single minute, he was able to pin his opponent and win the match.

   Senior TT Totty had a longer experience with his bout. He won with a score of 4-0, but he wrestled throughout all three periods.

   Junior Caedon Berkenmeier won by points as well. He ended the match with a pin after starting on top and with a score of 8-0. When asked about his preparation, he said, “No match is special; every match is important.”

   Junior Damon Hoback had a much closer match at 4-3, but that does not take away from his accomplishment at all. At the beginning of the third period, Damon put his opponent on his back, giving him the points necessary to win. Damon then stayed on top and kept his enemy down secure his victory.

   Freshman Tucker Williams also had an intense battle. He started off strong with a take-down that led to his opponent on his back, but during the second period, his opponent was able to get a reversal on Tucker. He responded with a reversal of his own, and in the third period, after being on his back, Tucker flipped his aggressor and pinned him with 19 seconds on the clock.

   The remaining members that made it to State were all girls. This is the first time where there was this kind of meet for girls, and BHS had three of their own make it.

   Junior Bryleigh Isch began her third period down zero to one. She was also facing an intimidating opponent, a wrestler that had a 20-3 record. However, this did not stop Bryleigh from scoring an escape and a take-down to secure her win.

   Sophomore Éowynn Codney won her match with a pin in second period. For the first period, she managed to get her enemy in a headlock, but was not able to capitalize on it before time ran out. During the next period, though, she got her opponent in a headlock again and pinned her.

   Finally, sophomore MJ Huff had quite an eventful match. The first period was fairly calm, mostly consisting of hand fighting and fake shots. For the second period, her opponent took bottom, and after an escape, take-down, and reversal,

   MJ brought her enemy to her back, but time ran out. For the final period, she used her adversary’s momentum against her and threw her onto her back, leading to a pin with a score of 10-3.