$ports co$t money

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

by Mckinley Anderson

   What sport is the most expensive one? Football…it cost big bucks. However, at the same time, football is the highest revenue.

   “The average cost per sport a year can be anywhere from $2500 to $5000,” says A.D. Dave Watkins. That is paying for equipment, games, officials, and everything else.

   When considering the cost of sports, people do not think about the fact that the kids in many might need to buy their own things. Some examples are softball bats, cleats, and golf clubs.

   “There are certain items in sports where parents will have to pay,” says Mr. Watkins. Most families are okay with buying their kids’ items, though.

   Usually, teens who play in high school have a background. They already have to buy equipment to play on teams outside of their school season.

   “Most uniforms are Speedline; just because of the quality they are a little more expensive, but if a jersey rips, I can call and order a single jersey like the one before, and I’ll have it here in three weeks or less, but when it comes to name brands like Nike and Under Armor, I will have to buy six at a time,” says Mr. Watkins.

   Jerseys get bought every five years, since Craig Marshall has been the superintendent, instead of seven. It is getting harder to get other objects like football helmets.

   “Fewer companies are making good quality helmets that aren’t too expensive,” says Mr. Watkins, “In my 18 years I’ve been here, it has gone from six good manufacturers to two.”

   There are always issues with people getting mad over the school spending more money on different athletics.

   “Yes, one sport may get more than another, but you have to consider the revenue made,” he says.  The budget is more complicated than people realize.