Performance drugs have serious risks

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

by Caedon Berkenmeier

   Some athletes fall victim to drug abuse in athletics due to their drive to out-compete and be the greatest. Little do they know, that these powerful drugs will grant them horrible health issues. They are not only cheating the system, which is illegal, but also risking their health.

   There are a wide variety of different drugs used to get the edge of one’s competition. Some are illegal and some are legal, but they all share the threat to the athlete’s body.

   Many programs have worked to limit the chance of getting away with the use of enhanced drugs, but some still find their way past them.

   Anabolic steroids are a form of steroids that some athletes take to increase their muscle mass and strength. Testosterone is the anabolic steroid produced in a guys’ body. It is responsible for muscle building, facial hair, and deep voices.

   Anabolic steroids have drastic physical side effects, and the overuse of the drug by athletes does not help. Many athletes are getting them through the black market, which results in more risks because they could have been produced in an improper way.

   It is possible for men to gain womanly characteristics from the use of the drug, and vice-versa for women. Both have the chance of getting bad acne, increased risk of tendon rupture, liver abnormalities, tumors, increase of bad cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The drug may also lead to mental disorders and aggressive behavior.

   Human growth hormones are also used by these athletes who are trying to cheat. They take it to improve muscle mass and performance. It is only available by prescription.

   Use of the drug can lead to joint pain, muscle weakness, diabetes, enlarged heart, and high blood pressure.

    Stimulants are also used to increase heart rate and blood pressure. These drugs can include caffeine that is in energy drinks.

   They can cause insomnia, dehydration, nervousness, addiction, and major heart attacks.

   These drugs have many health risks, so avoid please.