Home games have more advantages than away games

Zachary Garner, News Editor

by Zachary Garner

   Home court advantage plays a huge role in the atmosphere and feeling while playing a game, but can away games also be nice for the team?

   This regular season included  nine home and away games. Then the team takes on Sub-state and State.

   Junior Chloe Medlock said, “During a home game, I have more freedom when it comes to leaving after my games. But when we have away ones, my parents like to stay and watch the boys play, which means I have to stay and watch.”

   “Bus rides also give me major headaches when I have to ride, but when we’re at home, I can relax and  enjoy the time with friends,“ said Chloe.

   “The one reason I really enjoy away games is because my mom brings me Subway.”

   Sophomore Kylie Stevenson also agrees with Chloe.  She also hates away games because they have to ride on the bus.

   Junior Taven Allen said missing seventh hour really stinks. “Last year I missed Algebra 2 basically once a week if not more, and it was hard to catch up. But this year has not been that bad since I have American History.

   Home games are a bit calmer and she can go home if she needs to and have some time to herself. They  also do not get home as late, and that gives them time to work on their homework, if they have any.

   So many of the students here are not fans of away events, but they always enjoy the support in the student section for home games. They supply the players with energy.