Ladies get extra help from their teammates

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

by Mckinley Anderson

   “An assist is when someone passes the ball to another player and she makes a basket off of the pass,” says junior Myka Watkins.

    The passer would then get credit in the stat book.

   These do not happen as often as one might think, though. The Burlington Ladycats only get 5-8  per game.

   Senior Grace Hess said, “It isn’t too common; it really depends on how well you move the ball or how fast you bring the ball up or down the court.”

   The girls’ team have actually had a good number of them this season. They help out when needed.

   “During a game against, I think, Caney Valley, I passed the ball in for Caydence at the post, and she made the basket,” said Grace.

   For people who do not understand basketball, sophomore Caydence Doebele mentioned, “It is like in volleyball, when the setter sets it to the hitter for her to spike it.”

   You may not always get a good spot where you can shoot. This is where an assist comes in.

   If a guard is in the position to shoot a three, but a post is open, there will be one made for the easier points avaialble.