BHS wrestler participates despite knee injury, brace

Brylee Huber, News Editor

by Brylee Huber

  Injuries are a burden to athletes around the world, and wrestling is not a sport that has escaped this.

   At Burlington High School, Senior Keegan Kuhlmann is participating on the mat, despite having his leg in a brace. He has a torn ACL in his left  knee, something that is usually accompanied with severe pain, surgery, and crutches.

   When asked why wrestling is worth his pain, Keegan answered, “The enjoyment of the sport is worth all the pain when you succeed in the end. It pushes you to fight through thick and thin.”                                                                                                         

   Recently, there has been a surge of injuries, especially ones leading to crutches, in BHS. Most, however, are not in the current sport seasons, so they have nothing to fear in terms of performance.

   That only adds more stress to the currently injured, though. They have a legitimate excuse to quit, but they continue to keep going.

   Tim Johnson, wrestling coach, said, “By this time, all of the wrestlers are a little beat up, but you have to give Keegan credit for still wrestling.”

   He also said, “I don’t know if he’s doing it because it’s his senior year and he’s just trying to get through the season or what, but he definitely has heart.”

   When asked if he feels pressured by them to continue, Keegan responded, “My coaches are some of the best around the state and nation; I succeed because I trust them with my present status.”

   Despite trust and the deep love of a sport, it is always difficult to choose whether or not the risk of lifelong problems are worth it.

   Keegan said, “The fact that I’m not starting off with a good season had me struggling with quitting, but I never could on my team and my coaches.”

   However, when asked if he ever truly considered missing out on this season, he said, “No, no matter what, I was still going to be with my wrestling family.”