Basketball fouls are too strict for game

Zachary Garner, News Editor

by Zachary Garner

   Fouls are a huge part of basketball, but according to some of the players here at BHS, many of those called are “unnecessary” and should not be called so much.

   Some legitimate fouls that are in the rules include  blocking, charging, personal, and different violations, according to

   Sophomore Jayme Wagner said that, for example, on-the-arm calls are excessive. “A lot of times people don’t just stand straight up and try to swat at the ball. As long as the fouls are consistent, I’m okay with them, though, but out-of-the blue ones are unnecessary.”

   Freshman Grant Hegg dislikes when they get penalized for boxing out someone. ”I hate this call because it is a fundamental part of the game that players work on in practice; plus it’s called way too often.”

   It is sometimes considered an intentional foul and/or an over-the-top call, depending if the player is on offense or defense.

   Sophomore Evan Combs agreed with many of the previous statements, as well as that most foul calls  occur towards the beginning of a game.

   “The biggest one who bothers me is when you try to get a charge but get called for a block. You think you are set but even the slightest movement gets you called,” he said.