There are pros of having mindset

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

One important factor in athletic performance that is widely overlooked is mind-set.
Many concentrate most of their focus on the physical aspect and ignore the mental part.
However, 90 percent of competition is in one’s head, while only 10 percent is actually physical.
Mind-set deals with many elements that play a role in the overall performance of an athlete.
A huge subject is confidence. To be at one’s best, an athlete must believe in himself [or herself]. Learning why one does not believe in what he can do can be the key to obtaining confidence.
Athletes will learn how to push themselves when they feel they have nothing left to push. Through mind-set, one will learn that his body can last much longer than he believes.
With mind-set training, athletes can learn what everyday things that they may be doing that are holding them back. They can learn how to live a mentally healthier life.
Also, everyone gets butterflies in his stomach before a game or competition. With mind-set, competitors learn that getting nervous before competing is normal, but it can also be something other than nervousness. It can be excitement. When one realizes that, he will learn to love the butterflies.
Self-reflection is a huge portion of mind-set. Reflecting on what one improved on and what one did not improve on will benefit in athletics. By doing so, one will know what he is doing right and what he needs to work on.
Finally, this will not only contribute to sport performance, but also lead into life success. Mind-set can be used to live a successful and meaningful life.