Wildcat wrestling creates its own distinct image

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

by Seth Jarvis

   There are hundreds of different wrestling teams across the state of Kansas. However, among them, the BHS wrestling program has aspects that make it stand out among them.

   Head Coach Doug Vander Linden spoke of how the wrestling team is great.

   “This group, all 35 of them, show up and they work. I ask if they would be here at 7:30 and get the mats ready, and they are there. Work ethic is something people either have or don’t have. These guys have it; these girls have it.”

   Coach Vander Linden also explained that they have a philosophy of conditioning and strength that the wrestlers believe in.  He stated that the team trusts that the system will bring them success.

   “When athletes trust their training, trust their program, then they’re more successful. They see a journey; they can see growth.”

   He expressed how that this gives the athletes a clear path of where they are going.

   “A lot of our guys are flying under the radar. I don’t want people predicting things for us right now; I want to control our destiny.”

   Junior Caeden Berkenmeier put forward why he thinks Burlington wrestling is superior. He explained that the way they were taught to wrestle helps them reach the top.

   “We go in with the attitude that we are going to score. If they shoot, we are going to score.”   

   He also said that the coaching staff is great. They care about the team and they want the best for them.

   “Number one, we are a family and we all care about each other and want the best for each other,” he stated.

   He also stated, “We have an amazing community that always has our back and wants to see our program succede. This pushes us to go out and do our best to represent our town and the “B” across our chest.”