Senior Ladycats bring strengths to court

Brylee Huber, News Editor

As the second semester approaches its next month, seniors are forced to start seeing the end of the year as soon rather than later.
Every club, sport, and class will lose valuable members, and girl’s basketball is no exception.
Although there are plenty of good players who will be moving up once the year ends, the current seniors have had a great high school career, according to their other teammates.
Freshman Halle Finnerty, when asked what her senior teammate’s strengths are, said, “Abby makes a lot of [funny and moral-boosting] weird noises all the time during practice and games, so probably something to do with that for her.
“And for Grace, it would probably be ‘We got this guys’ or ‘Good job.’ She is definitely a spirit-lifter on the team.”
Together, only seniors Grace and Abby Dunn, have been through a 4A/DII appearance in both 2016 and 2017.
When asked about this, though, they only shared humble thoughts.
Grace talked more about her teammates than herself, and spoke of the value they had. She said that every girl brought something to the team, and that being a senior had only part in that value.
That being said, she also said that seniors are important because they have experience, and they help keep the team together during the more difficult times of practice and games.
There are amazing qualities that all of the girl’s basketball members possess, but the younger teammates said that seniors will be greatly missed.