Weight lifting has many benefits

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

One important factor in athletics that can be overlooked at times is weight lifting.

   Spending quality time in the weight room can be very beneficial to students who participate in sports.

   To be the best athlete, a student must have some strength. Physical power plays a role in all areas of competitive activities. For example, in wrestling, one must be able to lift an opponent off the mat to return him if he hits a stand up. Lifting one’s body weight can require a lot of strength.

   Another quality that is needed is explosion. Squatting weight builds leg muscle, which results in faster explosion. Linemen in football must be able to fire off of the line fast, and this is one way to improve their speed of doing so.

   Weight lifting also helps with endurance. When one is lifting in a timed circuit, it increases the stamina of his muscles. Muscles will not tire out as easily, and athletes will be able to last longer in their activities, such as track.

   It also can reduce the risk of injury. Lifting can improve flexibility and tendon strength.

   One way to build your mental toughness is through lifting. It really does take a lot of confidence. For example, it can be very stressful when trying to max out and get one’s personal best, and one has to believe in himself. This can be important in the Power Lifting Club.

   This also results in self-confidence and self-esteem. They will learn to focus on goals and create dedication.

   Most importantly, lifting keeps students in shape. It provides opportunities for them to be healthier.

   Some really care about their figure, and pumping iron can allow them to reach their goals.