Fall play Sister Act produces joy, sweat, tears

Delani Nichols, Ad Managerd

What show has a sassy bi-racial women who sees her mob/club owner boyfriend kill a man in an alley, run to the police to snitch only to get put into hiding at a nunnery, then get found by the boyfriend, but gets saved by a very sweaty police officer?

   Sister Act.

  PlayBHS put on a energetic performance of Sister act this fall.

   In this show, there were around 30 cast members and 22 high school crew members. Some of the leads included senior Kameron Cole as Deloris, senior Megan Sayler as Mother Superior, junior Chloe Medlock as SM Robert, junior Allie Schneider as SM Patrick, senior Delani Nichols as SM Lazarus, junior Seth Jarvis as Monsignor O’Hara, sophomore Kurt Keegan as Curtis, senior Zach Garner as Eddie, sophomore Brock Zimmerman as TJ, senior Keegan Kuhlmann as Joey, junior Trevin Myers as Pablo, freshman Olivia Carty as SM Martin-of-tours, junior Sage Kuhlmann as SM Theresa, junior Emmy Furman as Michelle, and junior Taven Allen as Tina.

   Along with these leads were the chorus members consisting of nuns and thugs.

   Although the thugs were not in the show very much, they truly owned the stage. One of the crowd’s favorite numbers performed by them was “When I Find My Baby.”

   This song was based on the sole fact that Curtis wants to find Deloris and kill her before she can testify against him and get him locked up.

Although it was claimed the boys “stole the show,” it was evident that the girls “carried the show.”

   Directors Holly Thomsen and Michael VanderLinden said that in this production, if you were a nun, you might as well have been a lead. There were 13 songs in total for the nuns and a lot of rehearsal and practice to learn them all.

   Another crowd favorite was “Raise Your Voice.” When Deloris takes over the choir, this is her message to the nuns, telling them to sing up and be proud.

   “Raise Your Voice” turned into the anthem for Sister Act, even going as far as being on the show shirts.

   The sense of friendship was evident  among the nuns and Deloris, who were different upon first glance, but if you dug deeper… they all just wanted to “Spread the Love Around.”