Spirit team restricted by KSHSAA dress regulations

Emmy Furman, Editor in chief

Cheerleading is all about encouraging your team, getting the fans involved in the Friday night light action, and in most cases, looking cute while doing it.

   However, KSHSAA has recently been buckling down on what cheerleaders can and cannot do during games and practices. Many girls are wondering, “Why?”

   For example, the KSHSAA handbook for “spirit” activities states that glitter is not allowed to be worn on skin or clothing, and is only allowed to be on signs if the glitter is lamented or sealed.

   Some cheerleaders are disappointed that they cannot wear sparkle to games. Sophomore Madison Dalby is one of them.

   “It makes us look more supportive to be dressed up more,” she said. Glitter can add more spirit and would stand out when being worn on the track.

   Another restriction is the ban on long acrylic nails. The reasoning behind this is the risk factor of the nails getting in the way or scratching someone during stunting.

   Freshman Cloie Gamble gave her opinion on the subject: “I think it’s dumb to not be able to wear acrylic nails.”

   Sophomore Brylee Davis also believes that the KSHSAA rules are too strict. “I looked up the rule book, and it was 68 pages long…68 pages for cheer. Really? One of the most strict rules to me is that we cannot wear fake eyelashes.”

   None of the cheer team really knows why they are banned. The handbook does not do a good job explaining the rules; it only enforces them.

   The BHS cheer squads will forever be sad about the lack of glamour they can have during season, but overall the rules are for their own protection and safety.

   Senior Kristyn Tompkins says, “It kind of stinks, but I understand that it can injure people.”