Players take on tough job

Zach Garner, News

Football season has begun and the craziness of the fall has taken off. What position is the hardest to take pictures of? It is the linemen. How important is their job and is it the most common position?

   One of the first issues brought up was whether or not there was a weight requirement.

   Junior Jacob Dugar said that if the linemen are trained properly, then anyone is capable. “You have teams like Olpe who have a small line but can tear you to shreds.”

   Senior Devin Wonser also talked about the locations of players and what they do.

   “Most who do all of the positions do so is because they are willing and want to play more. They have the will to play almost the entire game,” he said.

   “Being a linemen is pretty easy. It’s not that hard to break someone down to their lowest point.”

   Senior Kenyon Duffy said that the player’s weight had to be underneath his own.

   “If they weigh more than me, then they will not be very quick and will not be able to take the edge when needed.”

   When asked if it was the most common player position, he said, “Different things come into play when finding what job people fit the best.”