Ladycats’ serving techniques perfected for vb competitions

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

   Volleyball can be very easy, but there are many small aspects that can be hard.

  Serving is a big deal. If your team cannot serve, then you will have a hard time gaining points.

   According to Coach Diane Marshall, there are many different ways to serve, but BHS Ladycats choose two.

   A float serve is the first one. The ball is flat when it comes out of your hand.

   If you have the perfect technique, your ball will even move side to side and up and down.

   The second type of serve used at this school is a top spin.

   She said that when this one is done, the ball is spinning backwards when it leaves your hand. When it clears the net, it drops.

   The footwork for both is very similar. You cannot approach it walking.

   “The serves need to be approached like an attack,” says Coach Marshall. Either of these can be done by standing or jumping.

   “I chose to do a float serve this season, even though I don’t like serving; it is something I have to do,” says junior Doratea Azzetti.

   Any little mistakes will mess up the whole maneuver. You have to be very careful with how you approach it.

   Serving can be done other ways, these are just the way that we have chosen. The Ladycats have worked and worked to get their serves perfect, and they are almost there.  With motivation they believe they can perfect it.