Home run queens take many softball games by storm

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

Hitting a home run can be a pretty big accomplishment. Here in BHS, there are students who have managed to do this.

   One of these people is junior Kaiti Mefford. Kaiti said she did not really try to hit one, but it just happened.  She also stated that it felt awesome.

   Another slugger is junior Abby Finlayson. “We do a lot of practice hitting on the field and it helps.”

   Sophomore Myka Watkins has hit the ball far as well.  Myka said that when it happens, she sometimes does not realize she has done it. She will get to second base and then realize that it went over.

   She also mentioned that a lot of time it is the pitcher’s mistake. While she has had one at Burlington, she did say that BHS’s field is short.

   Senior Paige Sloyer is another individual who hit a ball high in the sky. Paige said she generally has one every three games.

   She mentioned that she gets a feeling as she swings and knows it is a home run. She runs to first, and once she confirms, she can slow down her running pace.

  “If the wind is blowing into the field, you get robbed from a sure one, though,” she said.

   Junior Grace Hess has hit home runs as well: she hit two homers this year. She said that a lot of the time, hitting one depends of the team they are playing and the pitcher who faces the batter.

   Some teams are better and are able to throw curve balls and rise balls. Others are not as good and are not able to throw really well.

   She said that practice goes into developing the ability to hit a home run. Then during a game, it just happens.

Junior Kaiti Mefford shows off her muscles, which she acquired while training in her Power Lifting Club. This helped her achieve multiple home runs during Ladycat softball games. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)