Coaches provide structure

Daniel Gifford, Editor in Chief

Track and field consists of many different activities, creating the necessity for many coaches.

   One may ask, “How do the coaches handle so many athletes in so many events?” It is more simple than it may seem.

   The track coaches are head Shane Clapper, long/mid distance Bart Kuhlmann, sprinting Morgan Stout, and John Petrie. The information for this article was provided by these individuals.

   All participants meet in the commons following the end of school, and practice officially begins at 3:15 with announcements by Coach Clapper and other coaches if needed.

  During this time, medals and times might be distributed, as well as other business.

   Then everyone moves outside to the track for the warm-up lap and stretches, which lasts around 15 minutes.

   Then, all athletes meet with their respective coaches and begin their workouts.

   The throwers start with technique drills and other warm ups. Sprinters may work on several things, like starting or timed runs.

   Long/mid distance start their workout almost immediately, after a description of it by Coach Kuhlmann.

   Jumpers and pole vaulters practice after their running or throwing workouts, doing run-throughs and practice jumps.

The track team stretches out their legs before they begin running. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)