Baseball managers share inside scoop

Dakota Jesse, Editor in Chief

  Burlington High School baseball has many different components to its team. There are the coaches, the players, and the managers.

   This is the biggest team BHS has had in a couple years, which includes two managers.

   The baseball ones are juniors Dakota Jesse and Grace Breshears. Dakota has been a manager for three years, and Grace for one year.

   According to Grace, there are many jobs they do every day.

   Depending on each of the practices, they sometimes throw soft toss, set up tees, throw ground balls, rake the bases, help take off tarps, and other tasks.

   This reporter tells the jobs they do at each game. “We keep both of the lineups and put them into the book,” she said. “We also do pitch count, take stats on the iPad, record BASE2 and STR1KE, and run out to Coach J’s truck to get his many coats.”

   Out of the many different tasks done, Grace emphasized the most important was holding a player’s seeds to keep others from stealing them.

   When asked her favorite part about managing baseball Grace said being with the JV team. “They’re all just so goofy.”

   The whole team enjoys having the managers at practices and games.

   Senior Brannon Nordstedt said, “No matter the situation, they always put a smile on my face.”

Junior Grace Breshears, one of the two baseball assistants, writes performance stats for each player on her clipboard. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)