Wildcats provide unique look into their outfielder positions

Daniel Gifford, Editor In Chief

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Baseball has long been known as America’s favorite past-time, and that is carried on by many BHS athletes.

   From short-stop to pitcher to manager, there are over 10 different positions that make the game go round. Without one of these positions, the team could not function as it should.

   Some of these positions fall under the umbrella of outfielder, and they are left, right, and center field.

   Many of the Wildcats that hold these positions are seniors Tegan Hess, and Isaac Caldwell, junior Brennan Brown, and sophomore Brady Rand.

   Brennan, who plays left field, said, “You have more time to judge the ball than in the infield.” Additionally, the ball is hit to left field more than center and right field. Not only does he play left field, Brennan is the catcher approximately every other game.

   Brady, who plays right field, does not get the ball as often. In addition to being an outfielder, he is sometimes a first-base-man and a pitcher. He also shared that the positions are decided is by a rotation.

   Isaac regularly plays left or right field. He said that one reason he likes outfield better is because fly balls are better than ground balls. He also plays first base, though he has played every position except pitcher.

   Tegan cycles through all three outfield positions. “I think outfield is easier,” he shared. He agrees that pop flies are easier. He also plays second base, and the position of the sun depends on which position is easier for him.

Tegan Hess fields a ball in a game. (PHOTO: Yearbook)

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