Rain gods curse track practice

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

Boys track has to do a lot of things during practice. Of course, sometimes the weather does not turn out that well. So, practice has to be inside for a change.

   Senior Daniel Gifford is a distance runner for the team. He stated that he personally feels indoor practice does not affect him that much. It does limit his ability to clock the miles, but he can still get other types of workouts in.

   Bart Kuhlmann, his coach, also had things to say about indoor practice. He discussed how this part of track changes for indoor practice. The runners usually go to the rec center during times of bad practice.

   There, the runners will focus more on core and fitness related things instead of running. He said that the team is very lucky to have  a facility like the rec center available.

   The distance team will only run inside if the weather is really bad. Mr. Kuhlmann has said that distance runners have run in all sorts of terrible conditions outside.

   Sophomore Jacob Dugar said that there were some big struggles for throwers, too. They are not able to work in their skills as there is no room to allow for throwing indoors.

   Senior Bret Hawkesworth also expressed dislike for weather days. “[During] indoor practice, you can’t do all the field events and that is the only thing that I like.”

   The weather usually exhibits a variety of extremes before students have to go inside. Shane Clapper, coach,  explained some of the causes. When it rains, track will usually go outside unless it is extremely heavy downpour or lightning. If the weather is in the 30’s, track may also consider going inside. Wind chill can also be a massive deciding factor for this type of practice.

   Indoor practice can really hinder field development as well. Mr. Clapper explained that they are not in shape as they could be for field events. It does have an effect for this first meet, but as long as there is not another week without outdoor practice, they should be fine come Regionals.

   Indoor practice definitely has had an effect on the track team. No one wants to go through that again.

Senior Bret Hawkesworth practices javelin approaches inside, due to inclement weather, also strengthening his arms. (PHOTO: Topainga Hernandez)