Golfers reveal their favorite courses to play

Zach Garner, Sports Editor

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Golf season has started and people are very excited about it, but how ready are the golfers really? Students were given the chance to talk about their favorite courses and what they look forward to in the season.

   Veteran junior Andrew Haselhuhn said that when it comes to school, he looks forward to going to Silver Lake where Regionals is taking place. Outside of school, his favorite course is St. Andrews in Ireland. He has never played there, but he loves the course.

   This reporter also asked senior Zoe Caldwell and she replied, “My favorite, course is Rock Creek because its small and does not take long to play.” Then she said that she has different places she likes, but she likes the ones that are small.

   The newcomers to golf have never played at any of these sites before, but some are looking forward to the fun of playing in the tournaments. Sophomore John Howard said that he is not  sure what places the team was going to, but another golfer told him he would love Jayhawk Linn.

   Freshman golfers Elliott Burns and Parker McDaniel said that they look forward to playing in Sedan, and also Parker really looks forward to playing on JVC tournaments , maybe not playing at all.

   They all feel the season is going to be great, and the team looks forward to maybe taking a win at State, which will take place in March..

Logan Herrman chips onto the green during warm-up drills, as Jarred Lutz walks off the green after collecting his balls. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

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