Wrestling coaches handle many tasks behind scenes

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

Wrestlers do a lot throughout the year. The wrestling coaches also do a lot, but it often goes under the radar.

   Michael Vander Linden, tech teacher, is one of the wrestling coaches. He described how, because of poor weather, wrestling team members were not able to help set up mats for one meet. So the coaches had to carry the mats on their own; it took about three hours.

   He said that most background work is taken care of by Doug Vander Linden, head coach, and that the other coaches mainly help pick up the pieces.      

   Coach D Vander Linden noted that a lot of the work is done by the managers, too. An example of this would be a video system they use to film called “Mat Boss.” They record wrestlers, which helps the team out with stats. They also use it to scout future opponents.

   Coach D Vander Linden discussed how meets are set up. Burlington had to host four this year.

    He said that a lot of work goes into the event. “You have four, five, or six mats going on; there are a lot of moving parts,” he said.

   Logistics is also another thing coaches have to pay attention to. In some cases, wrestlers might have three different teams going to three different places. They have to do decide who is going where and which coaches will travel with them.

   They also work to organize overnight trips and meals if they need to. They must communicate with parents about what is going on.

   Coach D Vander Linden mentioned that he coordinates with a coach from New Jersey on several matters.

  The wrestling coaches do a lot to make sure that the team is successful.

   Now, BHS can see a little behind the scenes and understand what coaches do that the public rarely sees, but the participants greatly appreciate.