Hosting tourneys is complex

Zachary Garner, Sports Editor

The Burlington Invitational is a huge part of BHS sports, both girls and boys. It plays a major role in the basketball world around this area.

   However, does anyone see who or how this tournament is put on? Athletics Director Dave Watkins shared the information.

   “The setting up of the tournament is not what I would call stressfull, but it is very hectic. The biggest part is what is done behind the scenes or what is unnoticed by the community and players themselves.”

   Some examples of that include getting photographers to take pictures for both the town newspaper and also Cat Tracks and yearbook. Another huge part of the action is the janitors, who make sure the restrooms are clean, flors and bleachers are cleaned and ready to go, etc.

   Another third part of the tournament is the hospitality room for coaches, refs, workers, etc. Many people take on the task of setting up for the event and it takes donations and people willing to help to the make the hospitality room a reality.

   When asked about how the teams end up being a part of this community event, he replied, “Most schools stay in the tourney unless they feel the competition is too easy, and then they leave. Most schools are on a two-year contract to play for the event and then can do whatever they want after that. If that includes staying or leaving, it’s their choice.”

   Although the girls did not win, they look forward to it every year.