Siblings encourage outstanding performance on, off bball court

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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Teamwork is everything in basketball. When you have a sibling on the court with you, could you name a better duo?

   BHS has a few siblings who are on the same team, this reporter talked to them about how being siblings affect their play.

   Seniors Kaitlyn and Zoe Caldwell have grown up doing sports together. “I think it would be weird to not play basketball together,” Zoe says.

   Although they love to be on the courts with each other, they do find themselves getting angry at each other more often than they do at their other teammates.

   Some siblings do not play on the same team together, but growing up playing the game has allowed them to practice together outside of school and games.

   One example of these siblings are sophomore Myka Watkins and senior Jace Watkins. Myka says, “When I was younger, we would play one on one, but now it doesn’t affect me.”

   Having an older brother gave her the chance to get better and start young. Since they are on different teams now, they never have the chance to talk to each other during games or practice.

   Another example of siblings who do not have the chance to play together are Caydence and Ashlynn Doebele.

   They typically go in for each other during games. They also are not allowed to guard each other during practices. “Caydence elbows people a lot, but it makes me more mad because she is my sister,” Ashlynn said.

   She still thinks it is really cool that her sister is on the same team as her even though they do not really see each other much during basketball.

Kaitlyn Caldwell gets ready to shoot two free throws, as her triplet sister Zoe, a wing on the team, waits to play defense behind her. (PHOTO: Topainga Hernandez)

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Siblings encourage outstanding performance on, off bball court