Remind causes very large issues for BHS students

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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Verizon users across BHS were sent panicking after their phone service was thinking about rising the text rates for remind users. Remind is commonly used between students and coaches, so how would this have affected them?

   Wrestling coach and theater director, Michael Vander Linden, says that it would affect communication tremendously. Remind provides a huge opportunity to communicate; getting rid of it would get rid of the only place to get a hold of everybody at one time.

   Even though Verizon users could just download the app, it would still be a pain. Getting a text is way more simple then having to scroll through all activities a student is involved in on the app just to find one message.

   When coaches and club leaders everywhere called to complain about the inconvenience, Verizon decided this may not be the way to go.

   Many sports and activities rely on remind for short notice announcements. One example of these sports is cross country. Bart Kuhlmann, the head coach, said they depend on it for quick reminders.

   When he heard the prices might rise he knew he would have to find a new communication app because he did not want to make his runners pay for the app.

   Kate Brown also uses the app for her business classes and FBLA. She said the issue will not be affecting her students because of the reverse, but if they went through with the extra rates, she would not know what do use.

   She would have to find a new plan for students who had Verizon or who could not download the app.

   Kayla Taylor, FACS teacher, had begun to use GroupMe instead of remind because she heard about the possibility of extra phone charges. She think GroupMe is a very user friendly app that can preform the same tasks as remind.

   There were no problems with GroupMe charging students like Verizon had almost did with remind; so she decided it would be easier for her and her students.

    Across BHS coaches and students alike can finally be at peace since Remind sent out an apology letter meaning none of the changes will be taking place.


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Remind causes very large issues for BHS students