Family is everything on mat

Daniel Gifford, Editor in Chief

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BHS is known by its staff and students as a place where very dear friendships and families form that last lifetimes.

   One of the largest and most well-known of these families is the wrestling team.

    Coach Tim Johnson said the reason for this is because “we spend so much time together. It’s not like football or basketball because we’re with each other all day [at meets] from the crack of dawn to long past dark.”

    He repeatedly said that they ultimately “really care for each other. They eat, compete, and fight together. Just like a real family.”

   Each wrestler “only wrestles for 10 to 15 minutes out of a 12 to 13 hour day,” as Coach Michael Vander Linden shared. “We want to become a bigger family, and we [acomplish] this during downtime.”

   They do this in many different ways such as voluntary early-morning workouts at the BHS weight room. “Call it our team meal. We are feasting on victory together,” said Coach Vander Linden.

  Freshman Eli Crutchfield and sophomore Bryleigh Isch shared their feelings on the matter. “It’s a group of brothers and sisters,” said Eli. “We look out for each other, and iron sharpens iron.”

   Bryleigh reiterated what Coach Johnson said about being different from the other sports. “It is really different, and it’s the coaches that make it a such a great family.”

   She also shared a rather sweet piece of information about her fellow wildcat wrestlers:

   “Everyone becomes like an annoying sibling, but you have to love them anyway like a real sibling.

    We start relying on each other, and we count on the upperclassmen to keep the underclassmen in line. Like big brothers.”

   Senior Brett Bober gave his piece as well. He has wrestled for eight years, and he said that “no matter who you are, even if it’s your first year, we look out for each other.”     

   These Ladycats and Wildcats have forged an amazing bond.

Derek Jesse, Jaden Majors, Mitchell Broyles, Tyler Dubuke, and Gage Shetler spend time bonding before practice begins. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

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Family is everything on mat