Boys team ‘plays’ around with bball game strategy

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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While sitting in the student section or fan section of a BHS basketball game you may hear play names called out by coaches, for example, Cowboy and Wildcat.

   This leaves some fans wondering how do these plays and names come to be? This reporter talked to some coaches and players who have the answer.

   Coach Mark Engel said some plays are called by something that can be put with a hand signal. That way when the gym gets loud the players can see what the coach is motioning.

   They also get inspired by players or universities to remember them. The coaches normally ask the players their preference on what the name is so they can remember it.

   They name plays after the coach who came up with them as well. Some of them are also on the spot.

   When something happens during practice that the coach likes they make an easy last-minute name and an action to go with it that the players will remember.

   Many of their plays are able to be used with one hand and need to be quick so they can keep dribbling and still call the play.

   Some players favorite plays include Wildcat. Sophomores Drue Thorp and Brain Payer love Wildcat.

  Sophomore Carson Hess’ favorite is post. He said Wildcat is also one of his top picks. Senior Carson Beyer likes the play Shocker.

   Play names are basically just created by the simplest name.

   Defence plays are called by the color of towels on Coach Matt Barrett’s shoulder

Brannon Nordsteadt takes the ball to the hole during the Burlington Invitational against Paola. (PHOTO: K. Cole)

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Boys team ‘plays’ around with bball game strategy