Willie takes BHS sports world by furrrrry storm

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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Willie the Wildcat has been the BHS mascot for decades. The fans love interacting with him during games, but what goes on behind the fur?

   There are ups and downs to being Willie, according to who wears the costume. This reporter talked to some students who have had the opportunity of being the wildcat.

   Senior Clay Rolf was Willie during the 2017 football season. Being outside in Kansas fall usually means freezing cold air, but Clay says he was burning up, no matter the temperature.

   On the bright side, he enjoyed getting the crowd hyped, and of course how much the little kids all loved Willie. Clay was a little disappointed that he missed some of the best parts of the actual game, though.

   The mascot for the 2018 football season was junior Delani Nichols. She liked hanging out with the cheerleaders during the game. However, she is a little sad she did not get to share the halftime snack with them.

   Delani says, “I could look busted and no one would ever know; plus I got to wear my Crocs with the uniform.” Overall, she had a good time, except for when she got dizzy.

   The mascot for this year’s basketball season is junior Molly Servaes. She gets to hangout with the basketball cheerleaders and hype up the fans.

   Molly loves the energy and interacting with the crowd. She also loves to dance around and do cheers.

   She also enjoys the freedom that comes with mascoting. She can hang out around the students section or the parents.

   The only downside to the uniform, she says is how hot it is. The gym is hot on its own so the costume makes it miserable.

   Overall students love being able to show their school spirit through the mascot. Even though the uniform has some cons, fans and students still love Willie, regardless of which student chooses to inhabit his fury essence.    (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

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