While wrestlers follow safety guidelines, injuries still occur

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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There are many people involved with wrestling in the school. The sport can be dangerous, though, and cause injuries.

    Coach Michael Vander Linden went over some of the common injuries in the sport. For one, concussions are a risk in wrestling. Mr. Vander Linden said that they work to follow concussion protocol to take care of these.

   He also said there were a lot of shoulder and knee injuries. These can often be the result of weird positions. Along with this, individuals in this sport want to get stronger, but often forget to stretch and get flexible. This is the source of many injuries as well.

   Sophomore Jacob Dugar noted that mat burn is on injury that can occur. Many injuries are caused by human error.

   People’s nails could be too long and scratch someone. Jacob also said he witnessed someone mess up a shot and knock someone onto the concrete.

   Junior Emilea McManus is a manager and she stated that twisted ankles are pretty common. Pulled muscles within the back is another relatively normal ailment with wrestling. They might have to deal with fungal infections, too.

   Emilea said that they try to prevent these injuries. Fungal infections can be stopped if the wrestlers shower. They also tell participants to take it easy if they are in risk of injury. Training the boys how to prevent ailment in the first place is what they do as well.

   Freshman Eli Crutchfield had much to say about issues in wrestling. Cauliflower ear is an injury where an area around the ear swells. This injury can be bad in some cases and could require a visit to the doctor.

   However, this happens only rarely, and use of headgear can prevent it. Jammed thumbs and torn muscles are common as well.

   Eli also went over some of the common treatments of these injuries. Jammed thumbs are often treated with ice, and the wrestler who has the problem takes it easy. If something is torn, then a doctor visit is necessary. He said that concussions could result in five weeks off. He himself had one last year and could not participate.

   The wrestlers are continuing to work to take care of themselves and prevent injury. “Thankfully, everyone is healthy going into the winter season,” Mr. Vander Linden said.

Ethan Totty “sideline-supports” due to a MRSA cut. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

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