Let’s Spice Up P.E.

AJ Lank, Sports Editor

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   Have you ever participated in a P.E. class? I’m guessing most of you have, considering it’s required here.

   Have you ever thought about the other sports that we could learn during this time, in addition to all the great ones we already do?

   What about things like dance, boxing, swimming, lacrosse, or karate?

   While these sports may be somewhat unusual, don’t they intrigue you? Even just a little bit?

   Take for instance the topic of dance. So many students do not know how to dance at all. This being said when school dances come around many students feel awkward trying to move around.

   What about boxing or karate? These are not only  great ways for those with anger issues to release their pent up anger but they can also help teach life skills.

   For girls, it means self defense, and the guys learn how to  properly defend themselves as well.

   Lacrosse is another sport I think we should add into P.E. curriculum. All across the globe, schools have such teams. Abby Finlayson agrees with me. She says, “Lacrosse just generally makes the guys hotter. We should definitely have a team.”

   The final sport I think we should begin to teach is swimming. Swimming is something that most people learn at a young age.  However, what about the people who never learned?

   Are we really wanting our students to not know how to swim and potentially drown if a situation arises? For this reason, I believe that this is a definite must have in our curriculum. We even have the rec across the street to use.

   What a phenomenal P.E. program would we have if these were included to our already great curriculum.

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