Does practice = game?

Daniel Gifford, Editor-in-Chief

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“Practice makes perfect” is a very well-known phrase, but does it? Does practice actually affect what happens in the games?

   According to senior Jara Thorp, a veteran Ladycat, it has a profound effect. She provided the information for this article.

   Before games, the Ladycats go over plays and more plays, especially in-bound plays. These are known as such because they start out-of-bounds or on the sidelines.

   These plays are different from plays like T-and-Dot, Pole, and Angle. Each player has a number, and when a player’s number is called, she enacts a certain play.

   Coach Bart Kuhlmann is the “master of the plays,” and he is responsible for picking which ones to run (or use) and practice.

   Coach Bart also scouts the other teams  in order to assess their strength and weaknesses. When he does this, he can determine which plays and strategies will be most effective against opponents.

   The most common offensive plays utilized are Post and Par, but it all depends on what the defense does.

   While scouting and assessing helps tremendously, what will actually happens during the game is unknown.

   This is why experience, instinct, and practice are very important. If a player can use what she knows and adapt it to match the offense or defense, it can help ensure the success of the entire team.

   “During the game, we just play,” Jara said. “We can study other teams, but it comes down to how we play.”

   Because of all their preparation, the Ladycats feel extremely prepared for any of the teams they face.

Senior Kirsten Young shoots  many free throws during an afternoon basketball practice to get ready for an upcoming game. (PHOTO: Topangia Hernandez)

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