Basketball Boys Bond Very Well

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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BHS boys basketball team feels they work great together on the court, but how do they do they bond outside of the game? To achieve this unity in practice they need team bonding time.

   After burning all of those calories off practicing the boys like to go grab some food together. “We  go to Sonic on 50-cent corn dog days,” says sophomore Trevin Myers. The team loves getting together for team dinners as well.

   Trevin also enjoys going to basketball courts and having a shoot around. This not only keeps them close but also helps them practice.

   The guys like to gather on weekends to play Fortnite. They pig out on food and chill in their robes and underwear.

   Senior Brannon Nordstedt says they like to give Trevin a hard time when he does something wrong in the game. All Trevin says back is “I’m sorry, guys.”

   They stay up very late when hanging out together. They sometimes take trips at 2 or 3 A.M. with their ouija board.

   Senior Isaac Caldwell believes that spending time outside of the game helps build a better “team chemistry.”

   Senior Carson Beyer agrees with Isaac. “We play a lot of video games that involve teamwork, which helps teamwork on the court.”

   Some team members are not the biggest fans of playing video games with the team. Sophomore Brian Payer said Fortnite was just not his thing, so he does not attend those hangouts.

   “Fornite is boring; I have better things to do with my time.” Even though he does not enjoy that activity, he still loves being around his teammates.

   Obviously the other boys on the Wildcat squad feel the same way.

Jordan Torrez and Brannon Nordstedt do their pre-game handshake. This year Jordan is the “greeter” for the starters. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

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