Boys practices ‘shape’ participants

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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Boys basketball has been going for several weeks now. Getting in shape for this sport is something that many athletes work towards. Some are in shape at the beginning of the season while others are not in shape.

   Mark Engel, science teacher, is one of the coaches for boys basketball. “Hopefully, most have been in a fall sport, so they have some conditioning,” he said.

   He described how the first week of practice is mainly about that. The team does lots of running, besides going over basketball fundamentals.

   He explained that it is quite easy to tell who is in shape and who is not. After three weeks, most students were fine.

   Sophomore John Howard went into detail about the early practices.  The first week included quite a few stretches and “5-4-3-2-1s.” He also said the team did a lot of shooting drills.

   Freshman Jordan Hartpence added other details about being in shape. There was a lot of running in the beginning, and he was gasping  for the first few days.

   He was out of shape for the first few days and he had trouble keeping up. Things got better for him as time went on. He said he does not plan on anything stopping him from playing.

   Senior Jace Watkins is another individual participating in basketball this year. Jace ran cross country, and he said running will really help going up and down the court. He said the fall sports greatly improves conditioning for basketball.

   Junior Carter Hegwald also put forward his experiences with basketball. He was not in shape when the season began. Despite this, he stated that everything has been going well for him. Some of the coaches often say that if someone is not in shape by Christmas, then he will not even get there at all.

   Senior Isaac Caldwell was not ready for the season for a physical issue. He had surgery and he was not able to get properly in shape. He is working hard now because he knows it will help him in the future.

Cooper Carlson collapses during a break in week one. (PHOTO: T Hernandez)

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