Seniors give tips for future Cats

Abby Finlayson, Ad Manager

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The BHS varsity volleyball team was made up of 10 seniors. These group of girls gave tips to next year’s volleyball players.

   The seniors included Paige Sloyer, Julia Gilman, Sawyer Young, Gabby Stadel, Ashlynn Doebele, Alli Blaufuss, Kassi Coons, Kirsten Young, Ashlyn Stevenson, and Jara Thorp.

   “Don’t get caught up on any plays. If you make a mistake, get over it, and move on. I think that is what we struggled with this year,”  said Kassi.

   Ashlyn also voiced her opinion to underclassmen coming to the high school next year:  “Go out and have fun. You’re going to get the spot you deserve. The team is so fun to be on, and I had a lot of fun this year.”

   Gabby gave some advice about how to handle practices and games mentally.

   “Make sure to work hard in practices. How you practice is how you play”

   Jara advised younger players to focus on their season. She said it is best to put the best work in that you can, because it will end up paying off.

   “Learn to be a team,” said Sawyer. “If the team can come together, great things will come out of it. That really showed this year.”

   The BHS volleyball team encouraged underclassmen to go out for the sport and just have fun.


Gabby Stadel was one of 10 seniors on the team this year. (PHOTO: K. Cole)

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Seniors give tips for future Cats