Runners avoid certain things

Daniel Gifford, Editor-in-chief

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   During a race, specifically a cross country race, there are many important things to do. Likewise, there are many things which should not be done.

   Some members of the boys’ cross country team shared their personal tips concerning races.

  Sophomore Brian Payer said that he does not drink water during the races. The reason is that he wants to avoid puking; however, other runners do drink water during races. It depends on the athlete.

  Additionally, Brian advised, “Don’t go out too fast, and increase your pace throughout the race.” This is a widely used and highly recommended strategy.

  Fellow sophomore Seth Jarvis said,  “Don’t panic. Just do what you need to do.” Focus is crucial to maintain proper form, breathing, pace, and performance.

   Elijah Caldwell, another sophomore, spoke about form. He said, “Don’t slouch, and keep your legs up.” Additionally, he warned that a runner needs to keep his or her breathing steady.

   Senior Ethan Totty shared a short and simple, yet important piece of advice: “Don’t roll your ankle.” It can upset the outcome of the whole race, and it could cause the runner to miss later practices and meets.

   Head Coach Bart Kuhlmann reiterated some of the messages from the runners, such as “don’t go out too fast” and “don’t panic,” and “focus.”

   While there are many things that have been said, runners should simply do what Coach Kuhlmann told the boys’ team at the 2018 Regional meet: “Run your race, and leave no regrets on the course.”

   While it seems simple or undefined, it is the secret to success.

Sophomore Seth Jarvis closes eyes during race, which is not a good thing. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

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Runners avoid certain things