Girls prepare for races

Daniel Gifford, Editor-in-Chief

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One of the most important aspects of cross country meets is preparing for the race ahead. This can take many forms, as is shown by the girls’ team.

   Senior Kaitlyn Caldwell, as well as the rest of the team, stretches for five to ten minutes before running.

   “I go to the chiropractor the night before every race and get my muscles knuckled. It’s as painful as it sounds,” she said. She also gets her hips, back, and neck adjusted.

   Fellow senior, Grace Kuhlmann, avoids fattening foods the day of the race. Two days before, she starts going to bed earlier, and she takes baths that help her legs not to be sore.

   Another senior Raelynn Hugunin, listens to music to help her focus in on the race. She runs a little bit before, but she doesn’t do sprints because her performance is better if she doesn’t.

   Junior Abby Finlayson said, “I have to get out of my head.” She takes special attention to mentally preparing herself.

   Fellow junior Haley Haines said, “I have to get my breathing right, or it will be too fast.” Also, she jumps to help get her heart rate up.

  Head Coach Bart Kuhlmann shared his recommendations on the matter, and he also shared what takes place in practice.

   “The week before, we have a very easy Friday run. Monday is a tough sprint day, and Tuesday is a tough endurance day.” Wednesday is a back-off day because meets are typically on Thursday.

   Coach Kuhlmann recommended that 45 minutes before a race, for 20 minutes, the runners should take a slight jog.

  Then, the runners should stretch and complete five 100m build-ups. Lastly, they must drink water and rest for 5 to 10 minutes right before the race.


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Girls prepare for races