Unique event in track attracts ambitious students

Daniel Gifford , Editorial Editor

Yearbook Staff
Sarah Unruh clears a 6’6″ bar at the home meet.

“I thought it would be terrifying,” junior Sarah Unruh said. “I like that it makes me taller,” sophomore Malorie Ivy added. What are these two BHS’ers referring to? Pole vaulting.
This little done and little-known field event is coached by John Petrie.
According to Coach Petrie, the three most important skills for pole vaulting participants are upper body strength, a solid core, and proper technique.
Why are these important? To successfully vault one’s self over the bar, she must jump off the ground and completely invert his/her body.
The students who participate in this sport are Sarah and Malorie (previously mentioned), and sophomore Carlee Broyles.
Sarah said that the reason she does it is because her father, Aaron Unruh, did in high school and college; consequently, Aaron is able to help her get better.
For Malorie, the most difficult thing is the steps leading up the vault itself. “You just have to go for it,” she said.
For Carlee, it is very enjoyable; however, “it‘s a complicated sport that takes a lot of technique.” She has had difficulty getting over the mental block of clearing the bar.
Even though it is an arduous activity, those in it have found enjoyment in clearing the bar, not only physically but mentally.