Field events can be entertaining, challenging for athletes

Daniel Gifford, Editorial Editor

What starts an hour before running events and involves a lot of grunting? If you answered field events, you would be correct.
This will focus on the coaches and students who are participating in this portion of track, why they are doing the events, and what is needed for them.
First off is shotput and discus. These two are coached by Shane Clapper, head track coach. Senior Preston Langley and junior Bret Hawkesworth are in these two events.
These three focus on these events for a variety of reasons. Preston said he does it “because it’s fun” and “[he is] good at it.” Bret throws because he does not enjoy running.
Mr. Clapper said, “[For shotput], it helps to be light on your feet and have good core strength. [With discus], it is also important to be light on your feet and have good form.”
Next is pole vault, coached by John Petrie. Senior Jace Keim participates in this event.
“I did it because I’ve never done it before, and they asked me to, so I did.”
Last, but not least, is long jump, coached by Bart Kuhlmann, long distance coach. Junior Shane Wright participates in this.
He does it for a variety of reasons. “It’s a mixture of two of my favorite things: running and jumping. I’m out to break records and get my name on the board.”
Coach Kuhlmann said that speed, spring, and technique are vital to this event. Overall, the skills needed for field events can vary greatly.

Casey Withers
Bret Hawkesworth practices his discus skills for an upcoming meet.