Assistant coaches support head coach in many ways

Branden Alford, Editor-in-Chief

Casey Withers
Mark Engel watches Jace Watkins, junior, as he practices a dribble during a drill.

Is that a shadow standing behind Coach Matt Barrett on the boys’ bench? Wait, is it a two-headed shadow?
Contrary to prior belief, these are not the images of assistants past, but rather the boys basketball assistant coaches, science teacher Mark Engel, and middle school teacher Chuck Schuster.
The life of an assistant coach is just as hectic as one might believe. Struggling to come up with an explanation that encompasses all of his job, Coach Engel said, “I assist.”
He went on to explain that the biggest part of his job is doing whatever Coach Barrett asks him to do. Often, that entails filling in when he is unavailable or taking over specific parts of practice when groups break up for different skills.
Also, Coach Engel is the head coach for the JV team and Coach Schuster is the head coach for the C team.
Connor Jeffers, senior, said that Coach Engel and Coach Barrett take turns being good cop and bad cop.
“Typically, during practice when we mess up, Mr. Barrett and Mr. Engel take turns yelling at us. In doing so, you can tell that they both bring very different approaches to how they coach.”
Mr. Barrett is thankful for his coworkers.
He said of his staff, “[I have been] very fortunate to have great assistant coaches through the years I have been head coach. I am a better coach having coached with Coach Engel and Coach Schuster.”
Basically, it takes a village to raise a basketball family, and it appears that Uncle Mark and Uncle Chuck are doing an excellent job.