Ladycat’s defenders take considerably strong stances against their difficult opponents

Jalyn Griffith, Sports Editor

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Kirsten Young plays aggressive defense against the opposing team. She later stole the ball for a successful layup. (PHOTO: Alli Dunlop)

   The other team is dribbling the ball. Then “SWOOSH,” a BHS girl steals the ball and goes in for an easy lay-up. This happens many times because the girls’ basketball team has players who specialize in aggressive defense.

   Junior Alli Dunlop, manager, watches practices and games every day, and she keeps track of stats for the varsity team as well.

   “The fans sometimes do not understand the work that some of the girls do behind-the-scenes, like playing defense very well,” shesays. “There are four types of defense: blocking shots, hassling the dribbler, stealing the ball, and playing help-side.”

   According to junior Paige Sloyer, classmate Jara Thorp is the best at pressuring the ball handler because she is good at getting her hands on the ball.

   Another solid form of guarding  the other team is blocking the shots that they take. This is very difficult to do because one has to jump up to tip the ball without hitting the other player.

   “Ashlynn Doebele is the best at blocking shoots because of her high vertical,” junior Julia Gilman says. “She’s not especially tall so she has to use her ups.”

   According to Ashlynn, she does weights to help but the junior has always had the skill.

   Another form of defense is stealing the ball away from the opponent.   

   “Kirsten Young is the best at this because she’s really fast and makes all of her layups,” says senior Camrie Wagner.

   On defense, the Ladycats help out each other if they lose their man.

   According to Ashlynn, Camrie is definitely the best player on help-side defense, and she always comes out of nowhere and has everyone’s back.

   While fans love watching the offensive side of the game, without stellar defense, the games would turn out very differently for the Lady Cats.

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Ladycat’s defenders take considerably strong stances against their difficult opponents