Basketball coach reflects on the assets of his players

Daniel Gifford, Editoral Editor

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Casey Withers
Garrison leaps for a ball.

Winter brings BHS many things like more temperamental weather, Christmas spirit, and basketball.
With any team, there are some athletes who exhibit above average qualities and are called by some “go-to players.”
Mark Engel, one of the boys’ basketball coaches, supplied the information for this article.
First off, he said “many of [the] players can take different roles.” It is important to remember that the go-to player depends on the situation.
If a lock-down defender is needed, seniors Connor Jeffers and Connor McManus are right for the job because they both are “up-in-your-face defenders,” he said.
Engel also notes that they are good at stopping opposing players from shooting.
Senior Garrison Fiedler is great at exposing weaknesses of his apponents at his position, the post, and can “score against any one in our league.”
When an opposing team is running zone, perimeter shooting might be needed. Juniors Tegan Hess, Jace Watkins, and Brannon Nordstedt are able to “knock down the three and make teams change defense.”
Juniors Carson Beyer and Jordan Torrez can be relied on to bring the team a burst of energy when they come onto the court.
Therefore, the talent is widespread. Many players have taken the next step to help the team out.

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Basketball coach reflects on the assets of his players