Volleyball team benefits from ‘positive’ coach

Abby Finlayson, Entertainment Editor

Have you ever heard that change is a good thing? This year, the BHS volleyball squad gained a new head coach, Diana Marshall.
The volleyball girls have had to alter their ways a bit, with the new coach’s expectations, but they say Mrs. Marshall has been a great addition to the team. She and the girls are getting along great.
“I love her!” says sophomore, Mckenzie Dalby. “She is energetic, helpful, and so funny!”
The new coach has introduced a new learning style to the players. There are four main topics that the team focuses on and tries to improve.
The first subject is selflessness. All of the girls work on this during practice and comment on each other’s helpful attitude.
“I actually like the way that we are learning things [like that],” says freshman Addison Varvel. “It is making us better players on the court.”
The next focus is accountability. This improves the team skills greatly, and bring all the girls closer together.
The last two are mental toughness and teachable spirit. The way that Mrs. Marshall focuses on these as a whole team makes all of the girls improve at the same time.
“I love working with them,” she says. “Getting to be their coach has been amazing.”
A few team rituals have also changed. Before every practice, one of the players presents a quote to go with the daily-focus topic. This normally gets the girls in a helping, teachable mood to start off the practice.
One junior, Kassi Coons, has experienced three different volleyball coaches during high-school.
“Volleyball is a great sport, Coach Marshall makes it so much better,” she says. “She has shown so much dedication, and put in a lot of time.”