Fall sports staff shifts

Jeffrey Stewart, Ad Manager

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New people are coaching volleyball and cross-country this year: Diane Marshall and Michael Vander Linden respectively. This is what they are all about.
Mr. Vander Linden likes coaching because it gives him the opportunity to teach others valuable life lessons outside of just the classroom.
“Nothing prepares you more for the world than being put in a situation to win, lose, and learn from both results.”
He hopes to help his athletes increase their physical and mental prowess, as well as improve their character. In the process, he hopes to “build relationships with students to show them people care!”
“I learned that students have more potential than they ever realize. It’s my job to unlock that potential.”
Mrs. Marshall likes coaching because she likes the sport, and the opportunity to work with students outside of school.
She also uses coaching as a way to feed her competitive spirit.
“Even though I can’t play anymore, I can still get the thrill of winning through the teams I coach.”
She hopes to teach her athletes how to work together as a team– particularly a successful team.
Mrs. Marshall really appreciates how her athletes have helped find her style as a head coach–a large change from previously being assistant coach.
“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”

New coach Michael Vander Linden yells times for Raelynn Hugunin. (PHOTO: Sarah Unruh)

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Fall sports staff shifts