Faculty member jumps out of perfectly functional plane

Daniel Gifford, Editorial Editor

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Many people love going on vacations during the summer, and BHS administrative secretary Misty Marchant is one of those.
For her 40th birthday, Ms. Marchant wanted to do something memorable. To accomplish that, Nikki Barrett, a friend of her, and she went skydiving on Aug. 25 at Falcon Skydiving in Kansas City, KS.
She found out about the place from another friend of hers who highly recommended it.
“It was a nice day, perfect,” Ms. Marchant commented, “and we were 14,000 feet up. It was exhilarating!”
Because it was her first time, she jumped tandem with an instructor named William Fischerkeller.
There also were others participating, so there were four jumpers and four instructors.
“It helped to have an instructor who was a professional because I was terrified!” she said. Ms. Marchant is afraid of heights and planes, so it was clear that is was not an easy feat.
“When he [the instructor] pointed out that we were halfway down, it was scary!”
During the jump, she became even more afraid. Mid-fall she thought there was a problem. They were only supposed to free-fall for 60 seconds, which they did, but to her “it felt like forever.”
Even though Ms. Marchant was very frightened, she said that she would probably do it again.

Secretary Misty Marchant screams as she falls towards Earth on a birthday adventure over the Missouri River near Kansas City. (COURTESY PHOTO)

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Faculty member jumps out of perfectly functional plane