Grass beats turf

Rose Wahlmeier, Editor

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The high school softball team is one of many who play on dirt fields. However, there are also turf fields in the league.
Humboldt, Kansas, is one town that is using this type of diamond. The Ladycats have visited multiple times.
Freshman Sarah Unruh says, “I like playing on turf better because it does not hurt as much when I slide.”
However, junior Erika Steffens has a different opinion. “I enjoy playing on dirt because I don’t like the way I bounce on the turf.”
Junior Rylie Hess feels that turf  makes the ball hop a lot more than dirt does.
Junior Kaylyn Coons does not like it because if she wears white pants, it will turn them black.
“I’ve only had to play on turf about two to three times. I do not think it is becoming a common thing for schools to have,” says freshman Olivia Link.  She finds it easier to slide on dirt, as well as hit; when the ball goes through turf, it dies out.
Freshman Delaney Hess says that it would cost less to maintain if BHS had turf, but she still does not like it. “You slide right over the base because it is so slick. Also, you cannot have sunflower seeds or wear metal cleats.”
Right now the softball team plays on good old-fashioned sod. It is evident that most of the team prefers to stick with what they have.


Freshman Ladycat left fielder Delaney Hess enjoys Burlington's  familiar sod field before a pre-season practice.

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