Week ends with AM practice

Rose Wahlmeier, Editor in Chief

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The Ladycats gathers before leaving Fun Friday. (PHOTO: Shelby Goetz)

The Ladycats gathers before leaving Fun Friday. (PHOTO: Shelby Goetz)

The volleyball team gets together every Friday at 5:45 am to practice. During this time, they do special activities in what is called Fun Friday. Senior Jeyton Steffan said, “When we play the games together, it’s like team bonding.” These bonding times help them play better together in real games. “When we get along, there is no drama,” she added. Freshman Jara Thorp said, “We play games like cup stacking or trying to step on a cloth that is tucked into someone’s pants.” They also have different themes each Friday. “One time we [practiced minus a clothing item], and the next time we wore long shirts.” This time is not just fun and games, though. They also do conditioning, but it is not as bad as normal, according to Jara. And once they finish their practice, they have team breakfast. Then they are free to attend the football game that evening. Junior Rylie Hess particularly enjoys the parachute game, but has a different opinion of the activity. “They actually aren’t too fun.” She said that they do a game for at least 10 minutes, but then they go back to regular practice. Junior Izzy Thorp wishes that there was not running involved at all in the Fun Fridays. The volleyball team does Fun Friday each week. Good times and hard conditioning aside, they seem to be beneficial for the team, considering their record.

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