Spring sport practices drills

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports Editor

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Like all other sports teams, the golf squad has many drills they must do at practice.
Sophomore Ty Skillman said, “We do 36 swings with random clubs to help us warm up; we also have a putting drill where you hit from three feet, six feet, nine feet, 12 feet, and 15 feet.”
Then there is a drill called elevator chipping, which is when they chip to different lengths on the green.
“The driving range is a good place to go to work on form. One more drill we do is up-downs.
This is when we have one hit to chip to the green, then one hit to put it into the hole.”
Other golfers have different views on the drills, what they think helps and what has less effect.
Sophomore Austin Croll says, “Push putt is when you put your putter right against the ball and you push it. It’s supposed to help you follow through.”
His favorite drill is called the ladder. They use the wedge to hit three balls to different spots and at different lengths.
He continued, “We have to do 12 money putts. Those are when we set up two flags and hit the ball from one flag to the other.”
Golf obviously has numerous drills. The team feels these certainly help them.

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