Students discuss diverse viewpoints on American government

Seth Jarvis , News Editor

Burlington is home to a large variety of political opinions. Plenty of students have strong viewpoints and certainly would like to see the United States consider those views.

   Senior Will Saueressig considers himself to be a conservative. He grew up in a Christian household and a conservative town, so he found these views to be the most agreeable.

   Will dislikes liberal gun control policies. In addition, he views president Biden’s gun policy as unconstitutional.

   When it comes to Republicans, he thinks they should return to traditional conservatism. He believes that the extreme populism that has taken over the party has prevented them from compromising and solving problems. Instead, they are super worked up on immigration and  other culture issues.

   His dream president would be one that is a supporter of personal freedoms and defends one’s right to do whatever he wants. So long as no one is hurt.

   Senior Jaren Garland describes himself as a classical liberal. Essentially, he wants zero government involvement in the personal lives of people. He also wants a totally free market.  Ideally, everyone will have equality of opportunity through it.

   He believes that this system will work better for individuals than a country as a whole. It is why he wants this system, as he believes it will make it so he can live his life however he pleases.

   “I want Jo Jorgensen to be president, I’d like it [the government] to respect my constitutional rights, and I want the 16th Amendment to be abolished,” he explained.

   Senior Emmy Furman describes herself as a liberal. She believes that individuals should have the freedom to do what they please and that constitutional rights should be protected.

   In addition to this, she thinks America is a secular nation and that religion should stay out of politics.

   When it comes to capitalism, she likes it, but she sees the benefits of socialism. She stated that she thinks capitalism is the only system that will work in America, thanks to the culture of the people and that the people in power want to maintain it. However, she also thinks socialist policies like redistribution of wealth from the top 1 percent to everyone else, should embraced.

   Senior Glori Hammye describes herself as a liberal, with some conservative views. She has advice for dealing with political differences.

   “I think that when you talk about politics, you should always listen to the other person. The only way you can ever be right is by listening to everyone.”