Future teachers walk halls for academic experience

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Before college students become teachers, they often go to work in a school to learn about the job. There are currently two student teachers at Burlington High School.

   One of them is Desarae Balderston. She is shadowing agricultural instructor Julie Carden.

   “I never wanted to become a teacher until college. I wanted to become one so I could teach agriculture and share my passion with other people,” explained Miss Balderston.

   She has stated that she has learned much returning to high school. One of the lessons is that her lesson plans do not need to be as detailed as the ones she does in college.

   She has also had to deal with push-back from students due to the fact that she is not officially a teacher.

   The other future teacher is shadowing English teacher Sandy Loucks. Her name is Bobbi Rookstool.

   Miss Rookstool explained that she has wanted to be an educator since middle school. There, she realized that all teachers cared about students and she wanted to do that for future kids.

   “There’s a lot of grading and it’s fun to see the kids enjoy the big high-school things like Prom and plays,” she noted about her change in perspective from student to instructor.

   She advised prospective teachers to be the educator that they want. In addition, it is good to remember that everyone learns differently, and everyone needs that individualized time.

   Young educators certainly have good opportunities to develop their skills through this program.