BHS gains club dedicated to equality, justice

Brylee Huber, Editor-in-Cheif

Although it is only the first year of the Gay-Straight Alliance of Burlington High School, they have completed many activities.

   Its sponsors include art teacher Natalie Spangenberg and social worker Brian Dyer. The officers are senior Brylee Huber, freshman Chandler Wright, seniors Allison Schneider, Cassidy Combs, and Emmy Furman.

   Last meeting, they painted their nails using a form of stick on nails. Next meeting, they intend on doing a more stereotypically masculine activity to show the balance between gender roles.

   In previous meetings, they discussed scholarships related to the LGBT community. An example is the JL Cleland GLBT Scholarship. This is KU-affiliated, and is worth $7,500 a year.

   GSA does not require a person to be in the community, but instead that he/she has shown support in some way.

   The club also discusses different social issues related to the group. Some such topics have been rude comments peers have made and the issue with laws surrounding marriage.

   Mrs. Spangenberg said, “It’s the most welcoming club I’ve ever heard of honestly, and it really is for everyone. If you need a place to be yourself, your whole self, you should join. And it also enlightens you to new things in the world that you didn’t know or were never exposed to.”

   Although they have many plans, the officers also stated that COVID has greatly affected them.

   They mentioned the potential to focus on raising money for a future pride festival for the county. They also want to have movie nights for LGBT films.

   The most important part of the club is that it has many goals and plans for a future at BHS, and next year will be even better, since it will be a truly established group.